About Us



Pacific Design Co. is a lifestyle and home decor shop which illustrates a modern, natural aesthetic. Curated by interior designer Shaleesa Mize of Little Pacific Design Studio, the shop features a high quality selection of products ranging from pillows, art, decor, and tabletop accessories. Pacific Design Co. strives to bring handmade, organic, and local or fair trade to the forefront of the interior design industry and is passionate about bringing beautiful, sustainable goods into the home.


shaleesa mize interior designer


Shaleesa Mize is the founder of Pacific Design Co. and principal interior designer and owner of Little Pacific Design Studio. Shaleesa specializes in renovations and custom homes, offering interior design services in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Shaleesa is an advocate for a holistic approach to design, procuring interiors with sustainable and eco-friendly options while maintaining a beautiful modern style. Her passion for healthy homes inspired her to share this lifestyle with others by launching an online store and blog. 

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